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Armour Applications - Silicon Carbide Composite Ceramics

Body Protection

To tailor armors for human body’s complicate curves, the candidate ceramics must be made with different curves and shapes accordingly. We have much experience in developing and manufacturing ceramics in different pattern (flat, single-curved and multi-curved ect.) and in various shapes (ball, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, to name a few) for various positions including neck, chest, hip and crotch. Also, various grades of ceramics are available for low weight requirements against budgets.


Armour Plate - 360 degree shot showing shot impact

Vehicle Protection

Ceramics for vehicles always require big sizes and high thicknesses, so difficult to be sintered, which challenges the manufacturer’s expertise and capabilities.


Vehicle Armour Plate - Showing Impact Point

Aircraft Protection

Given air fuel costs extremely high, ceramics for aircraft armors should be low-weight (LW) while bearing good ballistic protection performance (BPP). We have ceramic solutions with excellent LW-BPP balance.


Vehicle Armour Plate - Showing Impact Point