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Armour Applications - Silicon Carbide Composite Ceramics


Shanghai Xiang Rong Industries is the leading Chinese manufacturer of sintered, hot pressed and powder SiC, B4C and composite ceramics. Founded in 2009, it has since then established as benchmark in SiC and B4C materials, manufacturing parts and powders used in high-end wear resistance, shock absorption and armour applications globally.

Its international staff of experts in non-oxyde ceramics ensures that through outstanding quality, state-of-the-art after-sales service and solutions to the toughest customer challenges, Shanghai Xiang Rong Industries remains the supplier of choice for technology leaders in the petrochemical, armor, mining and surface treatment industries globally.

Through extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, operational excellence and unsurpassed partnership with manufacturing and technology leaders, Shanghai Xiang Rong Industries continues to provide outstanding value to its continuously expanding customer base worldwide. 

Our academic and entrepreneurial ceramics team have provided top engineering ceramics to a wide range of applications especially to ballistic protection for 7 years since founded. We are committed ourselves to R&D and manufacturing of high-end body, vehicle and aircraft armor ceramic components with the best balance of bullet-proof performance and minimum weight, yet on different budgets. To ensure the quality stability and competitive cost, we do everything from powder processing to final sintering at our own facilities. After combined with appropriate backings, our materials have passed shooting tests of NIJ Level IV. Our line includes:

◆  Self-sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC) Ceramics

◆  Self-sintered Boron Carbide (SB4C) Ceramics

◆  SiC-B4C Composite Ceramics